When You Finish A Book

Oh boy, can I relate to this!
Reblogged from Girls heart Books’ blog.


imageSo I finished my book.

Well, I’ve finished it for now. It still needs work and it might even need more words, or some taking away, but it’s finished enough for me to show it to someone else. And since I’ve been writing it for almost two years, I thought I would celebrate a little bit. Woo hoo!

Writing is a funny thing. Like a lot of creative processes, it often relies solely on you – your idea, your ability to get the idea across, your talent with words. If the story doesn’t come out right, there’s no one else to blame – it’s completely down to you. And there are times when I’m writing that I doubt whether I can tell the story the way it needs to. Sometimes, I’m not sure if it’s even the right story. I even start to think I cannot remember how to write…

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